Hook and Loop

Sew-on Hook & Loop

100% Polyamide & PA-PES mixture product with the option of customized sizes and dye to match color. The best quality certifications such as IS 8156-2016 for the Strength & colorfastness, OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100, Fire retardant(FMVSS302) certifications. We can assure it for all the applications such as Apparel, Aviation, Automotive, Medical, Defence, Sports, etc.

Adhesive Hook and Loop

Self-adhesive fastening tape applies pressure-sensitive adhesive on back of tape, we supply two types of glue which are rubber based and acrylic based.
Quick and simple to peel and stick. Though it is easily affected by high temperatures and moisture, rubber adhesive has a higher initial tack quality than acrylic-based and suitable for many kinds of materials such as wood, glass, plastic, metal and so on.

Hook and Loop coins / Square cut pieces

We offer die cut hook and loop and cut strips services in Adhesive option with Polyfilm at the back side or release paper. Hook and loop strap can be cut into different shapes and lengths upon customers’ requests.

  • The round dot/coin sizes available are 13 , 16, 19, 22 & 49 mm.
  • The square pieces can be available with 12 , 16, 20, 25, 30, 38 & 50 mm width and customized length as per customer’s requirement.

Molded/Micro Hook

Our extensive designed Nylon / PP made Hook tape is the only product which is made in India along with best class technology. The product can range from 5 mm to 160 mm width with a Hook height class range of #1 / #2 / #4. The Product is made with Transparent white and black but can be produced with customized color under MOQ. We can make the Molded hook tape with Pressure-sensitive adhesive as well as shapes or coins under the customer’s instructions

Micro/Slim Loop

Knit Loop tape provide strong strength but soft surface on the skin or human interface. The best choice of wide range loop for converting, pre-fabricating or die-cutting process, applying to health care accessories, medical devices, polishing pads / discs, life-vests / jackets….etc. we provides with PU Coating for better strength and long life cycle for direct use.

Back to Back Hook & Loop rolls

Our Quality processing equipment that guarantees consistent quality with eco-friendly raw material & Best quality PUR adhesive is the evidence of the Molded hook & 200-280 GSM nylon grade valouUr loop combination. We produce Hook & Loop for a premium market where the price competitiveness is major. Our product comes from 12 mm to 200 mm and can be customized as per requirement.

Knit/Auto Loop

Autoloop is high flexibility tape used in combination with molded hook or mushroom hook, loose loop is suitble for automotive, aircraft, train seating applications for better seamline and flxibility on the appearance side of Seat. Our Autoloop can be made in any width with customer required colors for better Pokayoke. The product is available with SGS testing of VOC, Odur, Flammability as per FMVSS302.

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